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5 Steps in Writing a Pharmacy Letter of Recommendation

The Essential Ingredients of a Letter of Recommendation

Those pharmacy application letters are viewed as an extremely important aspect relating to the application process of any student that wishes to become a pharmacist. They will often show the applications board more information about the student which is not always readily available in the application documents which are handed in by such a student. Especially your academic achievements will be very important to the application to the board and they are also very interested in your specific character traits and all experience you may have which could be beneficial to a carreer in the pharmacy industry.

You Should Present at Least Two Letters of Recommendation

Most application boards will expect at least one letter of recommendation from the science faculty and the second letter of recommendation should preferably be from a faculty member in a different discipline. Such pharmacy letter of recommendation should include an extensive descriptions of your specific leadership skills and contributions which you made at your campus and your involvement in community service. Specific interest will be any research projects that you were involved in regardless of whether it was on school level or during your subsequent studies.

Who Should You Ask for a Letter of Recommendation?

This is a very important consideration since we all know that there are some people that like us very much, with others we simply get along reasonably but then there are some people who simply have no time for us. You should preferably get recommendations from those people with whom you get along exceptionally well and who are therefore certain to provide you with excellent letters of recommendation. Do not jeopardize your pharmacy intern application by obtaining a letter of recommendation from someone who can potentially tarnish your credentials.

The Contents of That Letter of Recommendation

The person who is going to write your pharmacy personal statement should be someone that knows you very well and should be motivated to put in the necessary effort to write a letter that will be well received and meaningful. You should never rush that person but they should rather be allowed to take as much time as are needed in order to ensure a high standard of writing. You should also provide such a person with a copy of your CV and all other documentation in order to enable them to write a letter of recommendation that are compatible with other documents which you are going to supply to the applications board.

Meeting with the Person That Recommends You

Never forget that this is your career and this is your application and even though the person who are recommending you are probably doing you a favor it will still be up to you to ensure that such a letter of recommendation are carrying an significant amount of impact and that it will be able to present you in the most favorable way. It serves no purpose to present a letter of recommendation to the application board that either misrepresenting you or that simply lacks the necessary impact and which ultimately fail to assure the application board of your potential as an applicant at their institution.

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