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Guide to Writing the Best Letter of Intent

Personal Letter of Intent Is of Crucial Importance

best letter of intentFailing to write the proper personal letter of intent might be the thing that’s going to cost you the spot. This is the thing that’s going to be deciding when it comes to convincing the acceptance committee about whether to consider your application or to decline it right off the bat. With this in mind, you want to make sure that everything is thought out carefully. Keep in mind that there is a lot of competition for almost every spot that you are applying for and even if there’s not, you need to be very convincing because your job or spot in the school is never absolutely guaranteed.

How to Write the Best Letter of Intent

personal letter of intentThe first thing that you need to do is to avoid some common mistakes. The most important one is to avoid overselling yourself. You are not as valuable as you think you are and even if you are the one who should be making this decision is the one who’s reading your letter of intent and not you. Let him assess whether or not you are of such great value and don’t push him towards this assessment because it’s going to backfire real quickly.

However, apart from that, you need to state each and every relevant reason for which you believe that you are going to be a good asset. Do not make them promotional. State a fact and explain why this is making you suitable for the current position. Do not just throw some benefits of yourself out there if they don’t have direct relation with the position that you are applying for because this is going to trigger the aforementioned overselling and promotional effect that you want to avoid in the first place. Make sure that your pharmacy residency letter of intent is subtle yet convincing and that you present the information in an easy to comprehend matter. Do not make a list of qualities because this is certainly going to come across incredibly negative for you. It’s going to seem as if you are just throwing up some random things and trying to associate them with the residency position.

Advice from the Professionals

pharmacy residency letters of intentYou should be yourself but you should also skew the information a bit so that it fits the required format. Make sure to sound professional but not overly so because this is also going to backfire. The best letter of intent and pharmacy personal statement essay are going to be factual yet brief and it’s going to convey the message in a way which is easy to comprehend and digest.

We have experienced professionals which are going to be able to send out the right kind of personal letter of intent that’s definitely going to make a stellar impression!