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PharmCAS Application Guide: How to Get Into

PharmCAS, or the Pharmacy College Application service, is an online service which is required by almost all pharmacy school for all of their applicants to use. It is quite similar to the “common app” that is used in applying to UCI, as well as with other UC schools. There is a standard process that is applied when applying for Pharmacy School. First, it is important to complete all of the required pre-requisites, making sure that the GPA requirements of a school are met and your pharmacy personal statement is good enough. After preparing and submitting pharmCAS, make sure to complete needed supplemental application after the pharmacy school invites you to complete them.

PharmCAS Personal Statement

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Benefits of PharmCAS

There are several advantages that you can expect with pharmCAS. For one, you can simply combine all of your information into just one app. Also, you may simply choose all of the Pharmacy Schools that you are interested in applying to right from the website of pharmCAS. This means that you no longer have to deal with the hassle of mailing. You can also have all the information that you need about any pharmacy school.

PharmCAS Application Requirements

The first thing that you need to look into is your applicant information. This usually involves a short bio, address, background, phone number, as well as your parent or guardian info. Since basically it just talks about yourself, this is self-explanatory. Having letters of recommendation for pharmacy school is also a great plus.

Another requirement is your Academic History. This includes your grades for Secondary (High) School, including your AP, PCAT, as well as your IB scores. It is also important to include all previously attended colleges, as well as those that you are currently attending. This is also where you prepare your coursework, including those that are already completed, in progress, as well as planned. This covers those that are completed from colleges in the U.S, as well as abroad.

It is also important to prepare your transcripts. This involves submitting 1 transcript from each of the college you have attended, including U.S and foreign transcripts. You also have to prepare additional information, including extracurricular and work experiences, as well as professional licenses and certifications, scholarships, honors ad publications.

Common Mistakes in Preparing PharmCAS

Among the most common errors when it comes to preparing PharmCAS Personal Statement are spelling errors, entering incorrect grades, not listing all coursework, submitting PharmCAS Personal Statement too early or too late, and forgetting what was inputted, and then going to an interview. It is important that you are well familiar with all the details you have entered because they may also be clarified to you during the interview. At the same time, accuracy with all information is vital because they can also speak a lot about your integrity and sincerity in your application.

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