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UCAS Pharmacy Personal Statement Fail: How to Avoid It

Getting accepted into a pharmacology course won’t be that easy especially when you will be competing with other applicants. If you want your UCAS pharmacy application to stand out, you will need to work on more than just the usual requirements of writing resume, asking for letters of recommendation, completing UCAS examinations, and your pharmacy application form because you also need to work on your personal statement as well. The personal statement is always part and parcel of any application because it is here where you will be able to share more details about yourself. You may think that your personal essay isn’t really read but you might be surprised to find that most admissions officers look into this part of your application to determine whether you have the attitude, the skills, as well as the passion to learn. This is why you need to put a lot of effort into writing your personal statement by working on it months before you submit your application.

Common Errors in Writing UCAS Pharmacy Personal Statement

It’s understandable that you will feel frustrated when writing your statement. After all, you need to carefully consider what information you’re going to write in your paper. If you’ve been looking at samples, you will most likely notice that there are some papers that have errors. One of the most common errors done is plagiarism or copying content. There are some applicants who simply copy a line here and a line there to fill up their essay but you need to keep in mind that there are plagiarism checkers available online that can review your work. Another mistake to avoid is not writing in a professional tone. Yes, showing a bit of personality is okay but going overboard with your humor is not really appropriate because you will be writing directly to the higher ups of the school who are all professionals. Make sure that you keep yourself from using flattering remarks in your essay which are directed to the reader because this has already been done before. Add to this the use of quotes and your paper won’t be given the time of day by the admissions officers.

How to Improve Your UCAS Pharmacology Personal Statement

Now that you have an idea on the most common errors that others are making with their pharmacy UCAS paper, you should now learn how to give your paper a boost. Here are some tips to take into consideration:

  • State your reasons. What prompted you to apply for this course? Write down your reasons and if possible, add details to them.
  • Show your strengths. When writing your personal statement, you should highlight your strengths that are relevant to the course.
  • Write coherently. Your personal statement needs to be written in a coherent manner so that your readers will be able to pick up relevant information even when just giving your paper a glance.
  • Keep it simple. How you write your essay can affect the reception of your application. Keeping your statement short and simple is considerably better compared to adding flowery or long and winding statements.
  • Ask for feedback. It pays to have someone review your work so ask a friend or colleague to give you their opinion about your personal statement so you can make adjustments.

Show Your Unique Traits

Your personal statement for UCAS pharmacy should reflect your unique features because this is the only way you can stand out among the crowd. Don’t forget to go over your paper as soon as your done so you can polish it further before submitting it along with the rest of your application.

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