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5 Things You Shouldn’t Use in Your Pharmaceutical Science Personal Statement

Students who want to study Pharmaceutical Science have to apply for the program. Prior to getting into the program, you need to submit the set of requirements provided by the school. One of the documents needed is for you to submit a Pharmaceutical Science personal statement. To get into a reputable university, you need to make sure that you take the time to make your application letters.

Writing the Pharmaceutical Science Personal Statement

The pharmaceutical science personal statement you are required to write as part of the application process is your chance to personally address admissions boards. Admissions use the personal statement for pharmacology to learn more about the character of applicants. They want to get insight into the qualities that applicants have that can’t be gained from test scores and grade point averages.
pharmaceutical science personal statement
Information that you include in your personal statement should convey why you want to study pharmaceutical science, what caused your interest in the field, your future career plans related to pharmaceutical science and qualities you have that make you a suitable applicant. While there is a good deal of concern over what to include in the personal statement, you should also be aware that there are some things you should not include.

Five Things That You Should Avoid Using in Your Pharmaceutical Science Personal Statement

Writing a good pharmacology personal statement isn’t just about including the right information. When writing a pharmaceutical chemistry personal statement you should also know what not to use. The following are five things you will be better off leaving out of your pharmaceutical science personal statement:

  • Excuses or negative comments – Don’t make excuses for weak areas of your application or make any negative comments about professors you had or other schools. It just makes you seem like a whiner.
  • Sob stories – Avoid making your personal statement a story about how difficult you have had it growing up, how poor you were, or how life has treated you unfairly. If you have encountered obstacles talk about how you over came them rather than how bad off you were.
  • Quotes – If admissions wanted the words of Shakespeare or Benjamin Franklin they would read something by them. For your personal statement they want to hear about you in your own words.
  • Lists – Don’t include lists of awards, accomplishments, books you have read, or any other type of list in your personal statement.
  • Plagiarism – Absolutely do not copy another person’s personal statement and use it as your own. If caught it pretty much automatically sinks your application.

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pharmaceutical science personal statement sample

5 Tips When Writing a Personal Statement

A personal statement is one integral part of your application documents. Here are great tips when writing your personal statement:

  • Follow the specific instructions provided by the school you are applying for. Every school varies when it comes to the requirements. There is a word limit. There are also cases where you need to follow a template. On the other hand, there are schools that allow you to make your personal statement the way how you want.
  • Once you already have the template, the next step is for you to focus on the very content of your personal statement. The goal of your personal statement is for you to show your strengths and capabilities as a potential student enrolling in the program. With your personal statement, you can share to the readers your knowledge, skills, aspirations, and motivations in life.
  • When writing your personal statement, you do not necessarily have to write too much about yourself and hide your weaknesses. The key is to have the right balance of both. Highlight what you can do but do not be arrogant and make yourself appear as if you are perfect.
  • Structure your personal statement in such a way that your ideas flow logically and easy to understand. Avoid using long sentences and complicated word usage.
  • After you draft your application essay, you should proofread your work. Check for any errors or mistakes. It is very important that you submit a personal statement that is free from any kind of error as this will reflect on your application.

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We Can Help with Your Pharmaceutical Science Personal Statement

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